Homelessness Prevention and Shelter Services

We help people to access resources to meet their highest possible level of self-sufficiency by identifying needs, setting priorities and providing information and encouragement. RCAM helps families stay in their homes by providing a variety of emergency services and  collaborating with other agencies to help prevent homelessness.

Homeless Prevention Information and Referral:  RCAM uses a No Wrong Door approach to help connect people to additional resources to meet needs when we can’t help.

Following are examples of services that may be provided:

  • Eviction Prevention
  • Prevent Electric Service Disconnection
  • Partial Rent Payment or Security Deposit
  • Heating fuel (winter months only)
  • Self-Sufficiency Assessment and counseling
  • Budget Counseling

This Service provides information about other resources such as:

  • Contact Information for Food Pantries in the Area
  • Where to find Clothing & Furniture

Our Homelessness Prevention Services include shelter for families and senior citizens.

Our Shelter Services Coordinator assists those people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. They determine needs and work to determine what kinds of assistance RCAM can provide. One such service is shelter.

Family Shelter

RCAM uses an intake and assessment coordinated entry process to determine eligibility for its Homelessness Prevention Services. RCAM operates a two-unit duplex shelter for homeless families. The families may stay in the shelter for a limited time.

We assist homeless families with information and support to find affordable housing and additional resources to work on issues that may have led to homelessness.  The Shelter Coordinator helps sheltered families develop a Housing Stability Plan as part of the process.

Shelter services are available based on individual family needs, and availability of shelter units. There is an intake application process with RCAM which includes background checks.

Shelter residents meet weekly with RCAM staff to set goals and work toward reaching those goals.

Transitional Unit

The Transitional Unit is available to one family for up to two years. This family most often is one that has stayed for a bit of time at our homeless shelter and needs additional time to seek employment and all that is needed to sustain independence. The T-Unit family is required to accomplish goals to implement self-sufficiency during their stay.

Residents of the Transitional Unit pay rent according to an agreed-upon formula.

Gilbert A. Ward Senior Residential Housing

Senior Residential Housing is available in a multi-unit home designed to accommodate homeless at-risk seniors ages 55+. The Senior Residence has four bedrooms with attached baths, as well as communal living spaces – living room, kitchen, dining room, sun room and laundry room.

Residents of the Senior Housing unit pay rent based on Section 8 eligibility.

For assistance with any of the above services, contact Crystal@rcam.net.

For a link to statewide emergency shelters, click here: